My Muse

I live in Edmonton and, like a lot of Edmontonians, I also have a second place that I call home.  Unlike most others, though, my second place isn’t a warm southern mecca, rather it’s a little cabin in a fairly remote area of northern BC.  Also, I spend the icy, snowy, bitterly cold winters right here in Edmonton and my second place is where I go when it’s warm and I can be outdoors all the time.  The thing about our little cabin is that it’s just that – a little cabin.  There’s really nowhere to hunker down with popcorn and watch tv on a chilly evening.  There’s no tv there.  On a chilly evening I have a blanket that I take outside with me, maybe to the firepit, maybe down to the lake, but most assuredly not inside.  That’s winter stuff.

My inspiration comes from that second place.  The wild place.  Bears, foxes, coyotes, wolves, deer, moose, lynx, cougars and rats also live there.  River otters, beavers, loons, ruffed grouse, white swans, bald eagles, and golden eagles live there.  And we see them all, we live with them all.  It’s not a lonely place, but it is where I most like to be alone and it’s where I create.