I was lucky enough to find someone’s old thread stash in a thrift shop a while back.  At the time I was most excited about the wooden spools.  I’ve been staring at those spools of thread for quite some time though, waiting for a rainy day.  I hope there will never be rainier days than these, so it’s time to use the thread.

First up, the oranges and pinks.  For these baskets, I chose my threads, wound my bobbins and let the colours flow as they do.





Next up, the blues and greens:





Then I headed over to the greys and found this little sock monkey.






There’s more to see here and more to come, then I can start playing with those empty wooden spools.



Busy hands

This is something else, this covid, hey?

Fair to say what I’m struggling the most with is the uncertainty.  In other years, I’d be half packed and ready to head to the cabin for the summer, but not so this year.  I am ever hopeful that we’re able to go but who knows?

I’m working on the assumption that the Farmer’s Market in town will be open and I will still have my little stall and my baskets.  I haven’t given up hope yet!  (peek here) I’ve been taking those baskets in some fun new directions!