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Hi!  I’m Debby, welcome to Lines.

The connectivity between us, no matter what small corner of the world we inhabit, is nothing short of amazing.

I went to art school as a mature student.  For four years I was immersed in a magical world of studying and making and learning – there is still so much to learn!  I found an old portfolio a while back and you can take a peek right here .

One great thing about art school is being with people who have a shared interest in creating.  I remember a group of us hauling driftwood back from the riverbanks and building moose on the campus grounds.  Stuff like that – I’d never do on my own!

I like the community that we build around ourselves as artists, how we seek each other out and help each other out.   I like to hear what new mediums people have tried or different methods of manipulation.

I plan to keep trying.  To try all the colours, all the media, all the lines.


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  1. Love you my friend, one art meets another. I am forever grateful our paths crossed when they did. We are so different yet so much the same, like minds meet like people with like times creating art so much the same yet so very different. You are my Frankie as I am your Grace. 🍷🍷❤️❤️

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