Off Savory Road


Sunlit wildflowers on an afternoon drive were the inspiration for this painting.

Savory Road on the easel, almost at the finish line!

Gone Fishing


I wavered back and forth between ‘gone fishing’ and ‘welcome home’ the whole time I was working on this piece.  In the end, it’s a pretty sweet view coming or going.


blocking it in
top to bottom
adding the deets, almost done!

Misty Mystery


Inspired by a morning so foggy the horizon had vanished completely.

Early Light


getting started
working on the treetops
necessary colour adjustment!

Summer Breeze


Inspired by the trees left standing after the Shovel lake Fire burned through in 2018.

thinking of all the branches yet to come

Nechako Nightmare


This piece was fun to work on, I called it a nightmare the whole time I was painting it.

A pissed off bear protecting her cub is a nightmare indeed and I’ve a neighbour who can tell you a story… it’s his story that inspired this piece.



This lone Douglas Fir stands alone, a silent witness to the terror of the Shovel Lake forest fire. 

All it’s neighbours are gone.

original background blocking before I muted them a bit
a line shot up the middle isn't a recommended layout but sometimes it's how the story goes
branches...always more branches



Inspired by the certainty of spring in this photo, the new life through the decaying window – it just says it all.

photo credit:            Judy Dickson

sometimes you just have to get some colour on that canvas
starting to block it in
adding a few structural elements
playing with the colour and the light
some snow details
from here it was branches and more branches

Ancient Forest


Chun T’oh Wudujut

BC’s ancient forest is a unique inland wet-temperate rainforest.  It’s home to western red cedars nearly 2000 years old, rare lichens, mosses and fungi and a beautiful cascading waterfall.

It’s inspiration at every turn.

blocking it in
starting on the closer trees
pulling in some background
midground colours going in
bit more detail coming in the background
pulling down the stream and banks